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"Create a space where participants can safely discover unhabitual states of consciousness and discover themselves in their depths." Amir K.

Georges Künzler, a graduate in Shiatsu, Watsu and Waterdance techniques, was trained in California. He has been working since 2002 in Switzerland where he offered sessions of Shiatsu and Watsu. He is a teacher certified by the World Association of Body Work in Water (WABA) since 2003. With a great interest in meditation, he realizes the importance of meeting the depth of beings. His approach is based on aquatic massage and Yoga.



No pre-requisite


Watsu 1 is the first approach, you learn Watsu in a form of Tai Chi (with basic movements and positions) and how to stay rooted and connected to the breath, you learn to let the water do the work. By continually returning to the breath, you find tranquility, that is the basis of the presence. In the second step, you learn to connect these movements and basic positions with long and elegant fluid transitions. 

    You learn to adapt this to people of all sizes, shapes, and dispositions. You also learn to use your own body mechanics. How to support and move people in the water with the least effort possible.

    On land, you are led to discover "Co-Centering" and "Tantsu" and to explore and share what being held can represent to you and others.

 Watsu 1

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