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  • We will study the theory of respiratory kinetics. 

  • Explore the effects of different breathing on the body and the emotions and states of consciousness.

  • Take the time to find our own breathing . Practise all kinds of breathing techniques such as rebirthing, Prana -yama, dance and awareness exercises of breathing, both on land and on (and under ) the water.

Open to everyone without specific prior training.

Water Breath Dance



During this W-E we will experience various ways of breathing on land, in the water and even under water.



" The breath is the bridge between the conscious and the unconscious , every emotion is directly linked with breathing and all breathing will have its influence on emotions. "

-Georges Künzler

 The Water Breath Dance is the first active movement in a session of Watsu .

  It contains within it not only the essence of Watsu but also the very principle of life. It is  an base to most  body  approaches.

 This course is an opportunity to discover, understand yourself better.

Next Week-End of 

“Water Breath Dance” :




du 23 au 25 novembre 2022

à Agen

Contact: Lucile 


During this W-E we will experience  breath in and out of water.


No prior experience needed.


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